Turn your TV
into a Powerful
Marketing Tool

Engage your customers.
Tell your story.

Only $15/month after 14 days. Cancel anytime.

Turn your TV
into a Powerful
Marketing Tool

Engage your customers.
Tell your story.

Only $15/month after 14 days. Cancel anytime.


Build and create content easily

Easy integration with
PowerPoint and Google Slides


Drag and drop publisher

Simply drop in your content, choose transitions and publish to one or multiple screens


Anywhere, anytime messaging

Cloud-based platform allows content to be controlled and sent to TVs from anywhere

Engage and Inform

lobbyTV is an affordable easy to use cloud-based platform. lobbyTV makes it easy for you to promote and reinforce your Brand to your customers utilizing your TVs. Simply drag and drop your content and instantly send it your TVs any time and from anywhere. With our AI-powered platform, promote your business and tell your story the right way. Explore the benefits of Captive Audience Marketing while saving money and time — reduce perceived waiting times —  enforce brand value.

How It Works

HDMI Image

Plug media player into the HDMI port of any TV screen


Download lobbyTV app from app store (Google Play or Amazon)

Arrow Image

Drag and drop your content into the lobbyTV CMS

Multiple Screen Display

Publish your content to one or multiple screens

Seamlessly Deliver Targeted 
Content Anytime, Anywhere

  • Quickly update your communications in a simple drag and drop platform.
  • Schedule and deploy your messaging from any web browser.
  • Upload photos, PDFs, videos, PowerPoint, Google Slides and more.
  • Live stream over 5,000 radio stations.
  • Deliver breaking news in real-time from over 70 news sources.
  • Cross-promote new products and services.
  • Manage unlimited campaigns and users.
  • Add custom feeds like weather, company website,
    YouTube and Twitter feeds

Scalable Solution

Your business is ever-changing, and lobbyTV is designed to grow with you. Coupled with 24/7 reliability our simple online dashboard offers complete control of your screens, whether you have one screen or a thousand. Make changes to your content in real-time no matter where you are using a browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no limit to the number of slideshows that you can create and store. Branding and messaging can be controlled from a central location or you can assign rights to departments or individuals. Pricing is per screen, so you can add as many users as you want at no extra cost

Next Generation Solutions

lobbyTV is more than a TV platform, our AI-empowered news engine aggregates and delivers curated news right to the topic, allowing for specific material to be on display.

Revenue Generation

Using lobbyTV along with a point-of-sale device is a great way to cross-promote various products and services and increase revenue. The dashboard makes it incredibly easy to simply drop the product information you already have, and let it run thru behind your register for your customers to notice while waiting to check-out.

Contextual Assistant

Yo Identify the customer and deliver specific content based on the context, using AI, and interactively engage and educate.
More information visit: DSInnovations.us

Digital Signage in Airports
Staff In Busy Lobby Area Of Modern Hospital

Get Started With lobbyTV

lobbyTV makes it easy to get started with digital signage. Simply download the lobbyTV app, choose your desired content and publish to your TV. Within minutes, you can turn your TV into a stunning digital display! Need a little extra help choosing your hardware and getting everything set-up? lobbyTV also offers a complete turnkey solution. Learn more about how to get started.