Deliver Your Digital Message

Turn any TV into a fully customized Digital Sign



Deliver Your Digital Message

Turn Any TV into a fully customized Digital Sign

 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.


Drag and Drop Publisher

Simply drag in your content and publish to your TV(s)


Build and Create Content

Easy Integration with PowerPoint and Google Slides


Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud-based platform allows content to be controlled and sent to TVs from anywhere

See How lobbyTV is Used

lobbyTV is a solution that can be used in many industries. Promote your business, products or services with its simple and easy to use platform. You can even use our AI engine to display SMART content to your customers. Look at how lobbyTV is used throughout various industries!



How It Works

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Drag and Drop your content into the lobbyTV CMS

HDMI Image

Plug your media player into your TV(s)


Download the lobbyTV app from the app store (Google Play or Amazon)

Multiple Screen Display

Publish your content to your TV(s)

What More Do We Do?

Implementation Support

Simple Drag and Drop Platform

Schedule and Deploy From any Browser

Upload photos, PDF's Video's and more

Live Stream Over 5000 Radio Stations

Real Time News from over 70 Sources

Unlimited Users and Campaigns

Add Feeds like weather, YouTube and Twitter

Scalable Solution

lobbyTV is designed to grow with your company. Coupled with  24/7 reliability our simple cloud-based dashboard gives you complete control of your displays. Make changes to your content in real-time, on any browser and on any device.

Unlimted users and Slideshows

Pricing for lobbyTV is per screen, so you can have as much content and as many users as you want working on our platform. Easily collaborate across your organization and publish the right message at the right time.

Artificial Intelligence and More...

Our AI-powered news engine can gather content for you and deliver it right to your TV(s). Just pick a topic and the most recent and relevant news from over 70 sources can be on display at any time.

You can use the AI-powered engine to gather content based on your customer. Just identify who your customer is, and the rest is done for you. Easily educate and interactively engage with your customers!

Use lobbyTV with your POS (Point of Sale). This is a great way to cross-promote your products and services while your customer is waiting to checkout. Use the lobbyTV dashboard to drag and drop your content and have it displayed for your customers to notice.

Digital Signage in Airports
Staff In Busy Lobby Area Of Modern Hospital

Trusted By

Westinghouse Lighting   MV Transit Miles City Unified School District - Custer County District High School Make a Wish Foundation - North Texas First Baptist Church School - Shreveport LA Exhibit Concepts Clinton Savings Bank Centerpoint Energy Advanced Services - Bugstopper


Get Started With lobbyTV

lobbyTV makes it easy to get started. Simply download the lobbyTV app, choose your desired content and publish to your TV. Within minutes, you can turn your TV into a stunning digital display! Need a little extra help choosing your hardware and getting everything set-up? lobbyTV also offers a complete turnkey solution. Learn more about how to get started.