Holiday Photo Contest

Enter-to-Win a Complete Digital Signage System

Want a better way to promote your business and engage your customers? lobbyTV is giving away a 50″ 4K TV, one-year free subscription to lobbyTV’s digital signage software and a 4K lobbyTV streaming media player. All you have to do is post a photo of your holiday decorated office lobby to… Read More

Keeps pets healthy this holiday season with lobbyTV

Help Keep Paws off Holiday Treats and Decorations with lobbyTV

The holidays are upon us which means delicious food and decorations will fill the homes of families. This can lead to an increase of furry patients in your waiting room. Digital signage can help you quickly increase awareness of the holiday pet dangers that lurk in seemingly innocent decorations and… Read More

lobbyTV DIY Digital Signage

DIY Signage with lobbyTV

Whether or not you know the ins and outs of digital signage, odds are that you’ve seen it displayed in stores, hotels, banks, etc. Businesses across every industry are implementing digital signage as a marketing and promotional tool because of its effectiveness to engage and provide customers with essential information…. Read More

Digital Signage Simplified

Turn Your TV Into a Stunning Digital Display Within Minutes

The lobbyTV app is officially live in the Amazon Apps Store and on Google Play. It has never been easier to promote your business, inform and engage your customers, save money on printing costs and boost the morale of your workforce. How can all of this be accomplished with one… Read More

lobbyTV Holiday Digital Signage

Give your Customers the Gift of Digital Signage this Holiday Season

The average person is bombarded with marketing messages constantly throughout the day; most of which go completely unnoticed. Let’s be honest, the biggest waste of time, money and resources is static signage. Customers today expect marketing that is not only engaging, but personalized. In the digital age, companies who are… Read More

Gym Digital Signage

Shape the Fitness Experience with Targeted Digital Messaging

Everyone knows that exercising is a taxing experience, but it can be made easier with distractions. Traditional gyms have an assortment of TVs all throughout them, but they tend to stick to the same channels all day long. While news stations are still an effective distraction, there can be more… Read More