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Why Should I Use Digital Signage?

Customers are inundated with marketing messages every day. Using a dynamic digital signage platform like lobbyTV, you can instantly create highly targeted messaging that breaks through the clutter and reaches customers on an individual level.

  • Promote new products and services, while reinforcing your brand
  • Inform guests and staff of policies and procedures, breaking news, tips, wayfinding and directories
  • Motivate employees with recognition and rewards programs and contests
  • Alert employees and customers of emergencies, security threats and severe weather
  • Influence purchase decisions with targeted content
  • Compel staff and customers to get involved with charity drives and upcoming events
  • Save money on printing costs with a targeted, easily updated message delivery system

Scalable Solution

Your business is an ever-changing organism and lobbyTV is designed to grow with you. Our simple online dashboard offers complete control of your digital signage network, whether you have one screen or 1,000. Make changes to your content in real-time no matter where you are using a web-based browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no limit to the number of slide shows that you can create and store in the content management system. Branding and messaging can be controlled from a central location or you can assign rights to departments or individuals. Pricing is per screen, so you can add as many users as you want at no extra cost.

Endless Promotional Opportunities

Whether you are a boutique interested in advertising store promotions or showcasing the latest designer, a dentist’s office featuring the latest in cosmetic dentistry or corporation motivating its sales team with leaderboards or displaying important messages from HR, the ability to customize your content has no limits.

Revenue Generation

Using lobbyTV as a point-of-sale device is a great way to cross-promote various products and services and increase revenue. You can simply feature your own content or sell advertising space to other businesses to add an additional revenue stream. The dashboard makes it incredibly easy to simply drop additional slides, images or pdfs into an existing slideshow.

How It Works

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Plug media player into the HDMI port of any TV screen


Download lobbyTV app from app store (Google Play or Amazon)

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Drag and drop your content into the lobbyTV CMS

Multiple Screen Display

Publish your content to one or multiple screens